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Blue/Whitney follows Dana Wing, a wealthy and puritanical mother from Westchester whose 15 year-old daughter Whitney runs away and is murdered.  The police arrest Virgil, 16, African American, and Whitney's boyfriend while she was missing.  Dana is able to watch Virgil's interrogation and becomes convinced of two things:  Virgil is innocent and she has absolutely no idea who her daughter was.  Dana bails Virgil out of jail in order to get a tour of Whitney's life in the months before she died.  This causes high outrage from all quarters: husband, police, even Virgil's mother.  Through Virgil, Dana learns about Whitney from Whitney's friends in the Manhattan neighborhood where Whitney lived.  Each revelation is more shattering and incomprehensible than the last but Dana insists on the truth at all costs even as she grows more and more precarious herself.  Finally, she meets the famous Zeke, a strange, loquacious 17-year old heroin dealer with long prematurely grey hair, who claims he can deliver all Dana wants to know.

Production History: 

Leapfest X New Play Festival, StegeLeft Theatre, Chicago

Public Reading, New Ohio Theatre, New York

Roundtable reading at The Lark

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