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Short Plays


Vengeance Is Mine

Cast Size: 2M, 1W

Vengeance is Mine! is a farce in which Carter, who suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome, seeks vengeance on behalf of his beloved and fired office supervisor Fiona.


Last Supper

Cast Size: 2W, 1M



Madame Grundy's Last Request

Available for Premier
Cast Size: 3M, 1W

Madame Grundy, a grandma from Elmira, Illinois, is kidnapped by an eccentric anti-royalist middle European opera star terrorist and his two idiot cohorts.


Four New Years In Japan

Cast Size: 2M, 1W
Running Time: 10 minutes

Ben must fulfill his mother's dying wish or she will cure him from beyond the grave.


Time and Tony Oliva

Cast Size: 2M
Running Time: 10 minutes

Dale and Gus are both white, in their 60's, eating breakfast, and proud fathers telling stories about their sons playing baseball.

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Cast Size: 2M, 1F
Running Time: 10 minutes

Edgar Allan Poe has a problem with a fan...

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