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The Other Genius

Jameson is a community college student in love with Fiona, his Psychology 101 professor.  Jameson has adored Fiona since he was a small boy and Fiona was his English live in babysitter/au pair.  Fiona is in love with David, Jameson’s extremely powerful and wealthy father who everyone regards as a genius but who is terribly cruel to Jameson.  Jameson convinces himself that Fiona and David had an earlier affair when Fiona was the au pair and sixteen.  He further believes the affair led to his mother’s suicide. Jameson resolves to expose the earlier affair, ruin his father, and free Fiona from his clutches.  But to have any hope of winning he must first become a genius himself. 

Cast size:  3 Men, 2 Women, 1 Stage Ninja

Production History:

Winner of the NEWvember New Play Festival (Tangent Theatre, Tivoli, NY) and the Long Beach New Play Festival.  Public reading at Abingdon Theatre, NYC, directed by Jamie Richards.

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