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Flight is freely adapted from the play by Mikhail Bulgakov that was banned in the USSR until 1957, and with this version received its United States premier in 2003. The play follows the last days of the Russian revolution. As our refugees flee St. Petersburg, and the last remnants of the White Army flee the Crimea, all are hounded by the Red Army to Istanbul. The abandoned wife of a government minister Serafina, professor Golubkov, White generals Charnota and Kludhov, Charnota’s lover Lyuska are thrown together in poverty, haunted by nightmares, love, hallucinations, shame, and an agonizing longing for home and justice that drives them back to Russia, even if it guarantees some their death.


Production History: 

Premier Open Fist Theatre
(dir. Charles Otte)

Published by Next Stage Press

(coming October, 2024)

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